A Comedy about Dating, Sex, and Romance in NYC (back when phones weren't so smart)


EVAN — Standing about six foot one with a handsome, European look, Evan doesn’t seem like someone who would become “the master of disaster.” But after being hit by bad luck too many times in a row, Evan’s downward spiral ends up going where no self-respecting man has gone before.  Before his streak of misfortune began, he studied computer science at Brown College, and then moved to NYC, where he worked as a tech programmer. After a chance encounter, Evan falls in love with a woman who couldn’t be harder to get, even with nothing but good luck.

SAMMY — at a mere five-eight, he’s the shortest, chubbiest, and baldest in the group. But the quirky math geek, who works as an actuary, is also the funniest and the smartest of the gang. Sammy is nicknamed “Heeb” because of his plan to enjoy bachelorhood with only non-Jews until age 28, at which point he will date only Jewish girls so as to find his wife by age 30. In his ever unpredictable dating adventures, Heeb will try just about anything to get a date with a woman.

CARLOS — Sammy’s Harvard College roommate. Carlos has the slick Latin look of a telenovela star. The six foot one Mexican-American dresses with impeccable style, maintains a great physique, and easily charms with his silver tongue. But he’s still a virgin when he graduates from college because of his obsessive and irrational fear of germs, his Puritanical beliefs, and his impossibly selective standards.

YI WANG (“Narc”) — Evan’s freshman year roommate at Brown College. Yi is a good-looking, Chinese-American, who is fluent in Cantonese and ghetto talk, and — at six-three — was the star basketball player of his high school. Nicknamed “Narc” during high school for his willingness to experiment with narcotics (and later “Narse” for his narcissistic focus on his looks/style), he goes on to become a disgruntled corporate lawyer after studying at Columbia Law School. But Narc secretly maintains two alternative career fantasies: both seem wildly unrealistic, but one is unthinkable because of the shame it would cause his traditional parents.

TREVOR — A debonaire, Afro-British man who became Narc’s best friend and basketball partner while earning his JD degree at Columbia Law School. Originally from Ghana but educated at Oxford, Trevor charms anyone who hears him talk — if they can turn their attention away from his extraordinary six-foot-seven height (which earned him the nickname “Tower”). Trevor sports a perfectly clean shaven head and escapes the drudgery of his corporate law firm job by exploring yoga, alternative careers, and new dating prospects.