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Law Firm Bathrooms and What Paper Toilet Seats in Various Stalls Reveal about Human Nature

“You know, the main bathroom on each floor at my firm has four stalls, and each stall has a paper toilet seat dispenser. Do you know which stall is always out of paper seats first?”

“No, I never really thought about that,” Evan replied, amused by Narc’s keen attention to strange details.

“It’s the stall that’s farthest from the entrance to the bathroom. Do you know why that is?” Narc asked rhetorically. “Because man likes to shit in peace. When man is shitting, man does not like to be disturbed by people coming and going or talking to him about corporate deals. Man is vulnerable when he’s shitting. That’s why he builds toilet stalls. To protect him while he’s vulnerable. And so he wants to get as far away from the noise and the talking as possible and just shit in peace. That’s why the stall that’s the most hidden and peaceful always runs out of paper seats first, whereas the stall that’s closest to the entrance always has paper seats left in the dispenser. Because everyone prefers to shit in the stall that’s the most peaceful, and that’s the stall that’s farthest from the entrance.”

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