A Comedy about Dating, Sex, and Romance in NYC (back when phones weren't so smart)

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Congrats on making what may be the best decision of your day — particularly if your other decisions  involved things like spitting on your boss or posting your bank details on a public Internet forum.

Here are the links to all of the sites where you can buy your copy of “Sex in the Title” (ISBN: 9781483526171):

Amazon.com — Kindle e-book

Amazon.com — Paperback

For US readers who want a paperback, buying it from CreateSpace may cost a bit more, but the royalty is almost twice as much, if you want to send extra support to the author’s budget for floss and bananas.

Amazon UK — Kindle e-book

Amazon UK — Paperback

Amazon Canada — Kindle e-book

Barnes & Noble — Nook e-book

Apple – iTunes




Indigo (Canada)

Bookworld (Australia)

Angus & Robertson (Australia)

eBook.de (Germany)

e-Sentral (Southeast Asia)

FNAC (France)

Saxo (Denmark)