A Comedy about Dating, Sex, and Romance in NYC (back when phones weren't so smart)

“Sex in the Title” is Long-listed in the SpaSpa Book Awards 2013

“Sex in the Title” has been selected for yet another honor — and this one sounds like it comes with a double massage or something (why else would it be called the “SpaSpa Book Awards 2013”?)…

Massage-suggestive award names aside, “Sex in the Title” is among the ten indie titles competing in the romantic comedy genre. Of course, being one of just ten raises that perennial question that philosophers have debated for millennia: if you’re on a list of ten, is that a short list or a long list? Well, apparently the contest organizers consider this a long list, although maybe the fact that there are 25 categories (each with ten entries) makes this a very long list indeed. In fact, you’d have to scroll to page six of this rather LONG list to find the romantic comedy SHORT list.

In any case, the fact that SpaSpa has selected “Sex in the Title” to be one of ten — or even one of 250 — tells me that there is only one way to celebrate this small victory: get a massage — preferably two.

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