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Sex in the Title Wins 5 Categories in the 2013 Novel Grounds Literary Awards

Wow, I just learned some news that I should share with my mom: “Sex in the Title” (my book) won five categories in the 2013 Novel Grounds Literary Awards.

Isn’t that cool, Mom (and the rest of the world)? I hear that posting news on the Internet can travel beyond one’s mother…

OK, I will concede that this is NOT quite like winning the Oscars, but the categories that I won sure sound “Oscar-like”:

-Most Original Story
-Author of the Year
-Favorite Indie
-Favorite Book Couple (Carlos and Carolina)
-Favorite Supporting Character (Heeb)

So this is how I’m going to spin this little victory: “I won FIVE, count them, FIVE Oscar-like-sounding categories in a literary award that you haven’t heard of.”

In case you think I’m lying about this earth-shattering, historical literary achievement, here is the proof.